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29-05-2017: A-Z fundraising ideas

Thank you to everyone who has helped us in our fundraising efforts already this year, we really appreciate your support. For anyone interested in geƫ ng involved, here are a few fundraising ideas for the rest of the year:

A – Annual Collection – start a collection pot of spare change and coins. Empty it once a month and donate the proceeds for a year.

B – Bring and Buy Sale - a great chance to get together with friends and sell all those unwanted gifts and toys you have hidden in the garage.

C – Cake Sale – everyone loves cake so why not sell some in aid of needy children.

D – Dog Walking - if you have a bit of spare Ɵ me off er to walk the dogs in your street or neighbourhood in exchange for donations.

E – eBay for Charity – Sell your unwanted items on eBay and donate a percentage from any sale to Esuubi.

F – Film Night – could you show a fi lm outside on a summers evening - sell popcorn for some extra profit.

G – Games - For all those who love the challenge of a board game – why not have a marathon board game tournament? Either pay to play or get sponsored.

H – Head Shave – it gets hot in summer anyway so how much can you raise if you off er to shave your head for charity?

I – International Evening - Hold a themed international night and decorate your venue with flags from across the globe for an interesting fundraising event. Serve different national dishes and entertain your guests with world music.

J – is for Jam – make it and sell it. It’s that simple.

K – Karaoke - Enjoy singing? Why not get on the microphone and hold a karaoke evening. Maybe your local pub or club might like to get involved.

L – Line Dancing, or any other sort of dance evening you fancy and invite along all your friends for a fun night of boogieing combined with raising funds.

M – Music Evening – Jazz, Blues, Rock and Roll – whatever you play, you could sell tickets and perform for friends and family.

N – New Year’s Eve dance/party - Avoid a night of queuing and host your own New Year’s Eve party. You get to control the music and the guest list and can charge cheaper than local pub for entry then donate the fee

O – Open Garden – what best time of year is there to show off your garden than in the summer with a fundraising garden party.

P – Pamper Day - your friends probably already spend money on pampering (the UK beauty industry is worth £17 billion) so why not plan a day that off ers the break people need and leaves them feeling good in more ways than one.

Q – Quiz night – if you can arrange a quiz night in your local pub or at your church or club we can help supply the quesƟ ons. R – Run 5K, 10K, a half marathon – whatever distance you fancy and get yourself sponsored while geƫ ng fi t for summer.

S – Sell you skills in your offi ce or place of work. You could off er a cooking class or computer tutorial in exchange for a donation.

T – is for Table – pay to have a stall at a local craft fair and sell Esuubi craft. Just get in touch for a way we can supply the crafts to sell.

U – Used Stamps – Get your family, friends and neighbours to donate their used stamps, and sell them to collectors.

V – Virtual Village – could you sell some of Esuubi’s alternative gifts to aid the children of Ekiwummulo Village

W – Wax your legs – this is one for the men out there. People will not be able to resist sponsoring you for this one.

X – marks the spot! Organise a pirate treasure hunt in your local park and children pay to enter.

Y – Yoga Marathon. Get sponsored to do yoga for a day. You’ll be so bendy by the end of it that you can charge people to watch you tie yourself in knots. Bonus.

Z – Zany Dress Day - People at your office or school pay a quid or two for the chance to come dressed as celebs, or anyone other than themselves.